We care about tasty food!

We wish that delicious food would bring a smile to everyone's face! We take into account the feedback from our customers and, in cooperation with our best recipe masters, we have developed high-quality mayonnaises that are recognized both in Estonia and abroad. We carefully select our raw materials so that we can offer the best taste and experience to our customers.

You can eat anything in moderation

If you’re a healthy person, you do not have to worry much about compiling a rigid menu. A healthy diet does not mean giving up on what’s good for you. A healthy diet means you do not eat more or less than your body needs, and you eat in a balanced way – the body receives protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins, phytonutrients, and the like.

No food is intrinsically healthy or unhealthy, beneficial or harmful. Actually, all foods contain nutrients that are necessary for the organism consuming them. The key is which foods you eat more and which foods you eat less, the more often and the less often. A diet rich in saturated fatty acids, salt and/or sugar should be consumed conservatively.

The food pyramid describes the recommended proportions of different food groups.

What is inside the mayonnaise?


Our mayonnaises get their creamy taste from the rape harvested from the Estonian fields and the rapeseed oil made from it. The seeds of the plants grown with the love of our farmers are pressed into oil, which is very low in saturated fatty acids.

We make our mayonnaise with oil made from quality rape seeds, so that each mayonnaise variety would have an enjoyable taste.

Rapeseed oil contains three different types of omega fatty acids, including the crucial omega-3, which has a beneficial effect on the health of the cardiovascular system as well as hair, nails and skin. The majority of these consist of the monounsaturated fatty acid oleic acid (omega-9).

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Eggs make our mayonnaise complete, improving each of our mayonnaise recipes. Consumption of chicken eggs in any form helps to strengthen the immune system.

A single large egg contains almost a quarter (22%) of your daily recommended amount of selenium. Selenium strengthens your immune system and regulates thyroid hormone levels. Eggs are especially beneficial to children. Selenium deficiency in children and adolescents can lead to Keshan disease or Kashin-Beck disease, which affect the heart, bones and joints.

Consuming egg-containing foods will give you a faster feeling of fullness and reduce food intake. Eggs are a source of high-quality protein, thus the consumption of eggs eliminates hunger. See the delicious dishes you can prepare from our egg-containing mayonnaises!

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What is inside the condensed milk?


Condensed milk is a treat for every sweet tooth. It is no secret that sugar is one of the most important ingredients of condensed milk. There is no reason to be afraid of sugars, but for your own health and that of your family, it is worth understanding their dietary role.

Depending on individual energy needs (e.g. 2000 kcal or 3000 kcal), adults should not consume more than 50–75 grams of added sugars per day, which amounts to roughly 10–15 teaspoonfuls. For children, the recommended amount is even lower.

Why limit your consumption of added sugars?

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As its name suggests, milk is an integral part of condensed milk. Our condensed milk is the only condensed milk produced in Estonia and we are proud of the fact that it primarily contains milk from our own cows and the warmth of our good farmers.

Dairy products primarily provide us with essential calcium, which is necessary for keeping our bones strong and ensuring the health of our teeth, nails and hair. It is important to note that, in order to absorb calcium, our body also needs vitamin D, the deficiency of which is all too common here in the northern latitudes. However, the role of magnesium in helping to absorb both calcium and vitamin D should not be forgotten either. Low magnesium levels in the body can lead to both calcium and vitamin D deficiency even at sufficient dietary intake. Additionally, for absorbing calcium, our body needs vitamin K, omega-3 fatty acids, boron, silicon, and zinc.

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Eat and move!

We like to offer delicious food experiences and pleasures. Mayonnaise and condensed milk belong to a tasty menu. Our products are part of a healthy and balanced diet when consumed in moderation.

There are so many suggestions on the right diet today that, often, it all seems like rocket science. In fact, this is not the case. You can eat everything, but in a balanced way. Eat anything, but know your limits!

The energy requirements depend on age, gender, physical activity, as well as the specificity of the body’s metabolism. A child needs less food than an adult, but the teenager might need, for example, much more energy than his/her mother. The energy needs of a person doing physical work and someone working in an office can vary widely.

The energy needs of a person doing active sports are higher than those of someone with a sedentary lifestyle.