We work every day so that our customers will have the best-quality mayonnaise, condensed milk and sauces on their table. We strictly and consistently follow stringent standards to ensure the uniform composition and quality of our products. Improving and enhancing work processes ensures the high quality of our products, and thus increases customer confidence and corporate credibility, and provides us with a competitive edge.

The excellent flavor and freshness of the products distinguishes Polven Foods brands from other brands. We guarantee the freshness of our products with a precise shelf-life calculation and controlling.

Consumers’ confidence encourages us. We carefully choose our suppliers and wholesalers and carry out strict inspections. In order to ensure that our products are of a consistently high quality, we only make co-operation decisions after the careful monitoring of potential partners.


Our high-quality raw material has the EU certificate. Our production facilities and warehouses comply with the EU standards. Each production batch has a Declaration of Conformity. In addition, we use the product safety management system HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point control). It is a system that identifies, assesses and controls the risks associated with food production. We pay great attention to quality and safety. Our products are BRCGS standard certified. The BRC standard is an international standard for the implementation of a food safety management system. The existence of a food safety management system certificate confirms that we have set up a system that ensures food safety for consumers. The products of Polven Foods OÜ also have received quality certificates “Tunnustatud maitse” (“Recognized taste”) and “Tunnustatud Eesti maitse” (“Recognized taste in Estonia”).

The received certificates confirm the ability of PolvenFoods to successfully combine the company’s dynamic development and responsibility to society. Certification is a strategic step of the company, which will allow to continue the course of development, attract new customers and look for new solutions to offer customers only the highest quality products.

Quality policy

Our quality policy is aimed at increasing the quality of production, which involves close communication with suppliers. We focus on the desires of our customers and ensure the high quality of our products. We are constantly working to improve our management processes and involve employees in the process of improving their production. We will ensure that our employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully meet our common goals. To do this we will train our employees, help them with self-development, and offer in-house career opportunities.


Our manufacturing processes are precise and we use state-of-the-art technology to achieve this. We ensure food quality through food safety and hygiene. We pay great attention to this aspect in particular because consumer expectations have grown, competition has intensified, and environmental problems and national interests have changed.

Auditing is part of the quality assurance process. Auditing is important to us, because this is how we can compare with and consistently develop the actual conditions for the requirements we have put forward.