Polven Foods OÜ

Polven Foods was created with the desire to make delicious food. Since there was no delicious mayonnaise in the stores in the 1990s, we decided to begin to produce it ourselves. Our mayonnaise-masters had to try out several recipes until they discovered just the right taste and we could start production. We are using the original recipes created during the long testing period to date.

Our company was founded in 1998 in Ida-Virumaa (Estonia), where we began to produce three products in our 100-square-meter plant: mayonnaises Provensaal and Kodune, and ketchup. Today, we are one of the largest mayonnaise and condensed milk producers in the Baltic States and the only condensed milk producer in Estonia.

We sell our products in retail chains in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and in the accommodation and catering sector (HoReCa). Our customers are the largest retail chains in the Baltic States, confectionery producers, retail chain kitchens, confectionery and bakery industries, and ready-made food producers.

Our products have received a number of recognitions:

  • ‘Best Food Product Launching 2009’ Meirans Mayonnaise in Latvia
  •  ‘Estonia’s Best Food Product 2010’ Jaani Provansaal mayonnaise in Estonia
  • ‘Best Food Product Launching 2011 and 2013’ Kodune mayonnaise in Estonia
  • ‘Approved Estonian Taste 2014’ Kodune and Klassikalise Provansaal mayonnaises in the Lemmik series in Estonia
  • ‘Best Food Product Launching 2014 and 2015’ Polven mayonnaise in Latvia
  • ‘Best Food Product Launching 2015’ Provansas mayonnaise in Latvia
  • ‘Approved Estonian Taste 2017’, Lemmik Oliivi, Lemmik Klassikaline Provansaal mayonnaises in Estonia

Our values

The goal of Polven Foods OÜ is to enrich our customers’ table and offer unique taste experiences. We work every day to produce high-quality products that people love and that fit in with their eating culture. We would like products made by Polven Foods to inspire people when preparing their own meals and to make their life easier.

We attach importance to the professional competence of our employees and their responsible attitude to their work. We feel joy in what we do. Teamwork, customer commitment and reliability are the key values of our work.

We support

According to Äripäev, Polven Foods OÜ is ranked 11th among the most successful food industries in Estonia. We have done well, and therefore feel the need to share our success and contribute to the growth of social responsibility and well-being in Estonian society. We support a number of sports events, educational initiatives and initiatives aimed at improving children’s well-being.

From 2017, we decided to replace the Christmas gifts for partners with the support to people who need help. We donated all of the Christmas gift money to the charity foundations Südamete Soojus and Dharma. As a result, children received better treatment and families received vital support and assistance.


  • 1998 – 2004

    1998, November 16 – Foundation of Polven OÜ 

    2001 – Opening of new production unit

    2002 – Approval of Estonian Veterinary Authority

    2004 – First export shipment

    2004 – Creation of Jaani trademark

  • 2005 – 2008

    2005, October 14 – Foundation of SIA Polven Latvia

    2005 – Opening of condensed milk line

    2007 – Beginning of active work in Lithuania

    2008, April 14 – registration of Polven Foods OÜ

    2008 – Introduction of product quality management system standard ISO 9001: 2008 and introduction of product safety system HACCP

  • 2009 – 2011

    2009 – Creation of the Meirans trademark

    2010 – Construction of new storage facilities

    2010 – A certificate of recognition as a condensed milk producer

    2010 – Export to German market

    2010 – 34th place in the ranking of the most successful food industry companies (Äripäeva data)

    2011 – Jaani Kodune was recognized as the best food product in the category of sauces, condiments and soups (Nielsen Estonia data)

    2011 – 11th place in the ranking of the most successful food industry companies (Äripäeva data)

    2011 – Export to the markets of Poland and United Kingdom began

  • 2012 – 2015

    2012 – Jaani mayonnaise won 1st place, or 5/5 points, in the expert assessment of mayonnaise (according to MK-Estonia)

    2012 – Approval of Quality Management System Standard by ISO

    2014 – Approved Estonian Taste swallow symbol to Lemmik Provencal mayonnaise and Jaani Kodune mayonnaise

    2014 – Tradicionāla Garša Provansas mayonnaise 67% was the second-best product in the 2014 consumer market (Nielsen study)

    2015 – When tasting different mayonnaises in Latvia, Lido’s chef Ilga Joma gave the mayonnaise ‘Bez konservantiem’ the highest score of 5/5 and named the composition of mayonnaise as ideal (MK-Latvia data)

    2015 – Polven Foods OÜ received the certificate ‘Successful Estonian company 2015’

  • 2016 – 2017

    2016 – The first 100% genuine mayonnaise Ehtne was launched in Estonia

    2016 – Creation of the trademark Sveiksi in Latvia

    2016, October 10 – Establishment of the Lithuanian department

    2017 – Oliivi Provansaal mayonnaise received the swallow label of Approved Estonian taste

  • 2018

    2018 – Jaani Provansaal mayonnaise was moved under the Lemmik mayonnaises and was named Lemmik Klassikaline Provansaal mayonnaise

    2018 – RSPO chain of custody certification for palm oil products, which guarantees the safety and traceability of palm oil from supplier to customer

  • 2020

    2020 – entry of the new condensed milk brand Rezeknes Legenda into the Latvian market
    2020 – food safety system certificate according to the ISO22000:2018 standard

  • 2022

    2022 – renovation of the mayonnaise and sauces production line

  • 2023

    2023 – „Strongest in Estonia 2023“

    Credit score AA

  • 2024

    2024 – food safety system certification according to the BRCGS 9.0 standard

  • 2024

    2024 – „Strongest in Estonia 2024“

    Credit score AAA