Hot chocolate drink

A hot and chocolatey drink is delicious, especially when it’s cold outside. Enjoy this beverage at home with whipped cream, as if it were a dessert. Another option is to pour hot chocolate into a thermos, take good friends and refresh yourselves through an invigorating walk in a crisp forest.

It is especially easy to make the drink using condensed milk with cocoa.

For two:
3.5 dl milk
5 tbsp Jaani condensed milk

On top:
1 dl whipped cream
1 tsp vanilla sugar
chili powder

Heat the milk to almost boiling point, add condensed milk with cocoa and heat while stirring until the beverages are mixed. Whisk the cream with vanilla sugar into a strong foam. Pour the chocolate drink into a cup or mug and decorate with whipped cream, cinnamon and chilli powder. Enjoy immediately!